Never miss a price drop again. Get notified whenever the price of a product you would like to buy drops. Priceblox is a universal price tracker that works with practically every online shop in every country.

Create price alarms for the products that you love without registering on each website and get notified whenever the price of the product drops. This way you will never miss a price reduction again and save money while shopping online.

Priceblox is an easy way to save money on online purchases and never miss a price drop again.
All your price alarms are organized in your personal dashboard. This way you have an central overview of all the products from various stores.

Priceblox is the ideal companion extension for shopping online and a great addition to other extensions like Honey.

How does this work?
Using Priceblox to save money shopping online is super simple.
Just add the extension to your browser and browse your favorite shops like you always do.

Whenever you find a product that you like to buy for a reduced price, simply open the extension and create a price alarm by clicking on the current price of the product.
Now the product is saved to your personal price alarm dashboard. The price is then checked automatically and you will get notified, whenever the price is reduced.

Priceblox works with the most popular online shops like Amazon, eBay, etsy, Walmart, and many more.
You can also use Priceblox to track prices of flights, hotels and basically anything else that you can imagine.

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